5 comments on “More Deformation Examples

  1. Olurotimi Adeleye says:

    I am having a problem previewing this page. But, can we also have some applications of kinematics in biomechanics?

    • oafak says:

      You could be more precise on the difficulties you have in seeing the page – that will make it possible to solve the issues. Two of the kinematic examples in this section are Bio-Mechanical in origin. There is no serious difference in the modeling of the geometry of deformation. Real bio-mechanical issues arise in constitutive modeling. Despite this comment, I will welcome bio-mechanical examples that enrich the discussion here. Please let us have some of your examples.

  2. Florian Cummings says:

    This current update helped me understand the dual basis better, I tried it for the cylindrical coordinate system.
    and DualBasSph.NatBasSph //MatrixForm should give the “Identity matrix”

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