Post 2023 Nigeria: My Fears After Buhari by Francis Ojo

Dateline Kaduna

The last week has been different in drama, trauma and in death. The calamity has been extensive as terrorists focused intensive attention on Kaduna, the historical capital of Northern Nigeria and Abuja, the political capital of the Nigerian Republic.
First, they invaded the Airport on Saturday march 26, 2022. Two days later, Monday, they bombed Kaduna Abuja rail track, derailed a moving train, killed some killed, injured many and kidnapped many more. Feeling unchallenged and more confident, four days later, they invaded an Army barracks, killed 16 soldiers, injured 40 and according to vanguard of 6th April carted away arms and ammunition after burning down 3 army Attack Tanks.
With clear agenda coupled with flawless demonstration of capacity, they acutely dominated and morbidly choked the Armed forces and cut off the transport infrastructure of both critical cities. It is as if the refrain is: “Take over the two Capitals simultaneously, subdue the Army, break communication completely, and match from there onwards to take over Nigeria.” Not a sound from our President. The stark reality today is that Abuja and Kaduna have been intensely and robustly isolated by land, rail and air and the two zones completely insulated from each other and totally and entirely choked up.

Kaduna as Foundation of Nigeria’s Security
Those who know Kaduna State will tell you it is not just the historical capital of Northern Nigeria; it is the seat of the entire foundation of the Nigerian Security system. Look at the Institutions domiciled here:
1.    1 Division Nigerian Army
2.    Nigerian Army Depot Zaria
3.    Armed Forces Command and Staff College Jaji
4.    Nigerian Defense Industry Kaduna
5.    Nigerian Air Force Training School Kaduna
6.    Nigerian Police College Kaduna
7.    Nigerian navy School of Armament, Kachia Kaduna
8.    Nigerian Army School of legal Services, Bassawa Zaria
9.    Nigerian defense Academy Kaduna
10.Nigerian Army School of Artillery Kachia
11.Nigerian Army School of Military Police Bassawa Zaria
12.Army Operation base Southern Kaduna
For a rag-tag so called ‘Bandit’ formation to think of, dare to and directly challenge all the forces massed up in this State should make you suspect monkey business in Government. And our elders are expressing suspicion openly. Listen to a quote attributed to General I.B.M. Haruna: “We are in for sensitive happenings. I think the attack on the rail lines, airports and roads are all processes of de-democratization of Nigeria. The situation makes one suspect that either the present administration wants a situation of self-succession or an emergency Government which would come under its leadership.” Even the usually restrained and calm cleric of the Redeemed Christian Church, Pastor Enoch Adeboye expressed doubts about the future of this Country. Hear the man of God: “God has not told me there will be an election next year.” He continued: “For now, so many things are on my mind. Most especially, the attacks on Kaduna State. Why Kaduna? Who is trying to isolate Kaduna and why? And after Kaduna, which State next?”

What gives Boko Haram Such Swagger?
With all these in mind, Nigerians would wish to ask a few questions
1.    What is the State of our intelligence services?
2.    If Mallam Sheikh Gumi could locate terrorist camps, go there and take high fidelity photos, why can’t the DSS or any other of our Intelligence service find these bases and get the military to annihilate them?
3.    Why are our very expensive military so successful in West African flash points but now being eliminated and disgraced by ill constituted, scantily trained and equipped rag tag insurgents?
They won’t tell us but we can guess. I will start with a few illustrations.

Capturing Nnamdi Kanu
From the rumours, this was the brilliant operation that captured Nnamdi Kanu:
The DSS had studied and gathered copious human and electronic intelligence on Kanu, identifying his two key passions; Biafra and sexy ladies. They tested his appetite in England with some of their fine female agents, planted electronic surveillance devices and gathered robust intelligence. They now arranged some funds for his other passion, Biafra and thus set him up in Kenya. They organized, through the Government of Kenya to grab and fly him in a private jet to Abuja.
Now, if that is not a incredible Intelligence system, effective, efficient and coordinated, tell me what is. In one fell swoop, they coordinated local DSS, foreign NIA and bilateral Nigeria Kenya agencies and synchronized all like a clock. This should tell us that our Intelligence system is super.

Questions for Government
There is an interesting quote making social media rounds attributed to late General Sani Abacha: “If insecurity lasts 48 hours, then Government is involved.” If I do not know whether Government is involved, I sure know that they know who is, how the cycle or chain can be broken and Nigeria brought back from the precipice. If our DSS is so efficient and capable to coordinate very complex International, Inter-agency project to capture Nnamdi Kanu, I have no doubt that it has the operational competence and proficiency to bring Boko Haram sponsors to book. But is it not strange that not a single Boko Haram member, their officers or sponsors has been brought before our courts even as United Arab Republic has jailed 6 of them in far away Abu Dhabi? Rather those arrested are quickly sent to ‘rehabilitation’ camps without accounting for the murders they commit.
It is a well-known fact that these terrorists live in camps, we should ask DSS and Military Intelligence if these camps are located on Mars. How about their supply chain? Granted that they can get hold of motor cycles, can these bikes run without fuel? If they cannot, where are these fuels procured from and why has Government not cut off these supplies? We are even told that they get most of their arms and ammunition from Military Ordinance, can the army swear they do not have inventory control over their arms and ammunition. If they do, how many of those in charge have they court marshaled? The way they walk casually into Army Barracks to kill our soldiers and cart away arms and ammunition indicate internal sabotage and local espionage within the army. How many Boko Haram soldiers within the armed forces have been identified and punished? We can go on ad infinitum but it is very clear that many fingers point to Government.

My Worries
My apprehension is two dimensional. They cycle around our National flag, the uniforms designed to protect it and effect of President Buhari on both long after he is gone.
Remember our first national anthem which General Obasanjo changed?

Our flag shall be a symbol That truth and justice reign,
In peace or battle honour’d; And this we count as gain,
To hand on to our children; A banner without stain.

O God of all creation; Grant this our one request,
Help us to build a nation; Where no man is oppressed,
And so with peace and plenty; Nigeria may be blessed.

A nation’s flag expresses the idea, ideology and aspiration as above. Now, this administration has damaged and stained this flag. It no longer stands for truth and justice but for hate, ridicule and oppression.  A flag designed for all now serves the interest of tribe, tongue and religion. The military and other services in uniform mandated to protect the nation now recruits those who continuously kill their comrades in arm. Boko haram has been inching towards Abuja. Will this Government donate us to them? How do we get our Country back after Buhari? I worry.

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