Tutorial Three

We hereby present tutorial three as a correction rearrangement, in slides of most of the Q&A in chapter 3 of Continuum Mechanics for Modeling Simulation and Design.
[gview file=”http://oafak.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Tutorial-Three01-1.pdf”]
Obviously, these cannot be covered in a single tutorial class. We will select a number of these if a tutorial is needed before you semester exams.

Week 12: Integral Field Theorems

Finally,…, in place of our Programming Clinic, we conclude this first set of lectures with a quick, largely computational approach to the Field theorems of Continua. This, combined with our earlier treatment of differential calculus, completes the application of the results of calculus to tensor objects.
[gview file=”http://oafak.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Week-Twelve-2.pdf”]
Time did not permit us to look too deeply into some of these matters. Take this as a way to whet your appetite to a fruitful understanding of Continuum Mechanics. We can avoid further theoretical work and the covariant formulation by using Mathematica for our computations. We shall more of such in the next chapter where we shall begin to look at the geometric formulations of continua.

Week 11 Tensor Analysis II

We continue the application of differential calculus to tensor objects. This lecture begins with a review of limits and derivatives with its extension to large objects.
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We note that online participation is improving. Keep it up!

Week Ten: Tensor Analysis

We proceed to Differential and Integral Calculus wit tensor valued functions and tensor arguments. In the first set of slides, we extend out knowledge of scalar differentiation to larger objects. The examples we begin with are simple and easy to understand. The lecture concludes with the Gateaux extension to our elementary knowledge of differentials
[gview file=”http://oafak.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Week-Ten-4.pdf”]

In one more week, we shall cover the book up to the point of Integral Theorems.
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