Challenge Exam

There have been two written requests for a challenge opportunity for the finals of this week. I am willing to oblige on some conditions:

  1. Recognize that whatever grades are scored in the last attempt override the previous grades no matter what. The reason you are being given another opportunity is to help you see that you can do better if you make the effort. The material here is within the ability of the average student. Efforts were made to ensure students with poor university education and weak backgrounds were carried along provided they were ready to work hard; It is impossible for lazy students to pass this exam. Depending on luck is NOT an option. An average, hard-working student can get a B grade. Students scoring single digit marks here know that they have been lazy and disobedient to instructions.
  2. The  exam will be administered again only after at least 20 written individual requests have been received by comments on this website. Students who missed the previous opportunity should ensure they have settled the registration issue with Emmanuel before Friday this week. No unregistered students in the exam venue!
  3. That the students concerned confirm that they have prepared afresh for the test. This must be explicit in the request. It appears that, despite my warnings, several students still hold to the hopeless belief that they will have a free lunch. I am trying to inculcate in you the simple fact that grades are to be earned. If you learn nothing else from my course, let that be the one lesson. Preparation involves going through the materials and working through examples that were worked out for you. You also need to gain the skills required by actually working these things out on your own. There are no shortcuts!
  4. That they know this opportunity will be the last for anyone who scores lower than 10/30.

OA Fakinlede