SSG 511 Creating a Simple Assembly

In Today’s Lecture, we shall create a simple assembly of a car engine. We do this by first making the components of a single cylinder and replicating the unit to make the other cylinders.
We then proceed to assemble the system using the joints facility in Fusion 360. From then, we can get an animated engine system.
Two videos help to create these in a step by step manner on your own time. They are on Vimeo and youtube
Some have complained that the links are absent. Please click on vimeo or youtube above and the two videos will show. Unlike the last case, the videos here have voice added.
Please keep you own models for the simulation part to follow these practice examples.

Lecture Cancellation

It is unfortunate we may only be able to meet on Thursday this week. Today’s (Tues January 23) lecture has been cancelled due to an emergency meeting between the Faculty of Engineering with the University of Lagos Governing Council. I will still try to be in class if the meeting ends faster than expected.
Go through these slides and watch this silent video
Post your direct questions and I will try to answer them online.
OA Fakinlede

What is Engineering?

The weather is hot. Every creature longs for cold water. Lions, Elephants or the birds will travel or fly to locations where they can find.
Primitive people know that porous pots that partially leak water will give them some colder water than the environ.
A physicist can explain that this colder water is obtained by the latent heat of evaporation released from the water.
An engineer can capitalize on that idea and recycle the latent heat of evaporation using a compressor to get a freezer level temperature.
That freezer just described is technology or, more accurately, a technological product. The clay pot is also technology. The difference between the primitive technology and advanced technology as we see here is the mediation of science and the scientific method. When we use the scientific method to create a technological product, we are doing engineering.

SSG 511 Computer Graphics

The software for this course are:
1. Autodesk Fusion 360 for which each person should obtain a personal license for free from their website. Log in with your Unilag email address.
2. Wolfram Mathematica. I think our subscription as a university has expired. Until we are able to get that renewed check for alternative ways to obtain a copy. Or purchase the Rapberry Pi which has a fully licensed copy of version 10 – good enough for our purpose.
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