Computer Graphics & Design

You are welcome to today’s lecture. Here we are describing the scope and things that will be covered. I am excited to teach you. I hope you are excited to explore the possibilities that can come from our putting our hearts to work.
Note that these notes and ths page will continue to be active even if there is a strike. Those who want to learn cannot wait until all Nigeria’s problems are solved. Time waits for no one.
You can reach me on this site. It is my preferred choice of location to meet students as things we discuss openly here may be useful to others.
If there are things a sufficient number of you do not understand from the class lecture, let me know about it. I may prepare another set of notes of a video to cover the problem areas.

I have NO PATIENCE with lazy students. I am always willing to help you with the course material during the term. Post questions to this page and I will respond. If you want better grades, look for them now. At the end of the term, it is too late; This post on Quora may interest some as well as this other one on Nigeria
Here are the slides for today’s lecture.

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The recommended text is available in pdf from here:
Choose Lai, Rubin and Krempl, Introduction to Continuum Mechanics. I will give you a password in class.