14 comments on “SSG 805 Introduction

  1. Gold says:

    Good morning sir, I’m finding slide 55 and 56 difficult. Please I need help on them sir. Thanks

  2. oafak says:

    Will go through the two with you on Monday.

  3. suberu says:

    Good day prof, i worked on the quetions you titled: SSG 511 Rotation-Tensor but i have problem understanding question 2 and others. i wish you could break down. Thanks

    • oafak says:

      A tensor whose inverse is its transpose is an orthogonal tensor; if in addition, its determinant is plus one, then it is a rotation tensor.

  4. suberu says:

    *I wish you could break each step down for easy understanding

  5. suberu says:

    Good evening prof. Hope your trip was fabulous? Regard to everyone. We wish to hear from you soon.Thanks

    • oafak says:

      My trip is good, I thank you. Please let the rest of class know that the test will take place at 1):00 am on Monday June 4, 2018 at 10:00-12:00. Mrs Folorunsho, lecturer in Systems Engineering will administer and supervise. Look for her in the Department office.
      OA Fakinlede

  6. Suberu says:

    Good morning prof. Pls sir, we wish to know what we need to put in place for tomorrow,Monday- 11,6, 2018 class to be successful because we wish to hear from you even though you are far. Thanks sir

    • oafak says:

      Read Chapters 1-3 of Reddy’s book. and all will be well. Our coverage in class has taken us higher than chapter 2. Your main concentration should be chapter 3. Ask me any question on these and I will respond as usual.

  7. Suberu says:

    Good evening prof. Pls sir, we wish to know the state of our class on next week Monday-16 July, 2018 as our examination starts that same day. Thanks

  8. Suberu says:

    Pls sir, i could not solve questions 3.6 and 3.10c on pages 88 and 89 respectively of J N Reddy, Chapter 3. i need your guide sir. Thanks

  9. Suberu says:

    And also Sir, on the 120 questions, i do not understand how to generate the matrix form of Rotation Tensor as in question 111. THANKS SIR

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