Classes Postponed

Classes will continue after undergraduate exams next week.
OA Fakinlede

3 comments on “Classes Postponed

  1. Aristobulus Tauna says:

    Q4. Sir, in working out the question #4 I obtained the expression as my final answer: (u.curlv – v.curl u) which at variance with: (v.curlu – u.curlv) in the text. I successfully obtained the penultimate expression on the text but still got:(u.curlv – v.curl u). Please clarify.

  2. Iretioluwa Olawuyi says:

    Good day sir,
    I will like to know if I’m free to do my computations with either metric coefficient or kronecker delta? And if there are specific areas that they’re most relevant.

  3. Iretioluwa O. says:

    Hello sir, Good morning,
    Please I will like to confirm the start time for our exam this morning.

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