Secondary School Students & Cayley-Hamilton

Did you think I was taking you too far into mathematics when I taught the Cayley Hamilton theory in our last class. I think not! But you may not believe me. But what if I told you that secondary school pupils know this theorem? You better believe it because I have a proof! Just look at this web blog:

and tell me what you think about it.

2 comments on “Secondary School Students & Cayley-Hamilton

  1. Adeyemi says:

    Maybe if we had been introduced to this since secondary school, it’s wouldn’t have been absolutely new at this stage. We are already trying to familiarise ourselves with it. Thanks sir

  2. Atinsola taiwo says:

    The theorem is very interesting and powerful. I dont think this should be difficult to introduce in secondary school further maths. We know it now and we appreciate its application. Thanks Sir

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