Professor Henry Ehikpehale Enahoro

The Faculty of Engineering mourns the passing of our former dean, Professor Henry Ehikpehale Enahoro. His death occurred in Sydney Australia where his last academic engagement was as Professor Emeritus in the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of New South Wales. Born 11th March 1929 in Uromi, Edo State the gentle professor HE Enahoro passed away after a long illness on June 13th 2014. He is survived by his wife, Mrs Dianne Enahoro, and two surviving children, Elizabeth and Christopher. Another child, Rebecca, did not outlive the late professor. He is from the illustrious Enahoro clan of Uromi and brother to both late Anthony Enahoro – best known as the mover of the motion for Nigeria’s independence – and the celebrated journalist, Peter Enahoro.

Professor Enahoro attended Kings College, Lagos and obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Manchester, England. In 1963, he completed the PhD in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics with a thesis titled “Effect of cold-working on chip formation in metal cutting” at the University of Sheffield, Bedford, England. He was for many years a lecturer at the University of South Wales, Sydney, Australia before becoming a professor at the University of Lagos in 1975. He was appointed the HOD of Mechanical Engineering and became dean later the same year until 1977.

Professor HE Enahoro taught Strength of Materials and the Theory of Plasticity at both undergraduate and graduate levels in the department of Mechanical Engineering. In 1976, he was supervisor of the undergraduate project for Professors AO Oyediran and OA Fakinlede (current dean). Professor Umunna Okoli – our external examiner and former dean of Engineering at the University of Port Harcourt was his first PhD student here at the University of Lagos.

There is an electronic condolence Register located at while a paper register will be opened at the dean’s office on Monday, June 30, 2014. A Funeral Service was be held in his honour on Thursday, (June19, 2014) at St Brigid’s Church, Corner of Brook and Waltham Street Coogee, Sydney, Australia. Other arrangements in Nigeria are to be as announced by the family. May his soul rest in peace.

OA Fakinlede
Dean Engineering.

12 comments on “Professor Henry Ehikpehale Enahoro

  1. Akin Fashanu says:

    Thanks for your watchful eyes on all the generations of the faculty. May the loving soul of Prof. Enahoro rest in peace. Amen

  2. oafak says:

    It was Professor HE Enahoro that created the Photoelasticity laboratory at the University of Lagos. If we can find funds to resuscitate it, we might name it after him.

  3. OA.Adeleye says:

    It’s quite interesting that he was undergraduate project supervisor for both Prof.(s) AO.Oyediran and OA.Fakinlede. May his soul rest in peace.

  4. SO Adetona says:

    May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

  5. aloziie agada says:

    I have never seen anyone teach with such clarity, simplicity and patience as Pro. Enahoro. He thought me both Strength of Material & Theory of plasticity 1975/76/77. Above all, he was fair and humane. May his kind soul rest in peace.

    • oafak says:

      Alozie, Thanks a bunch for your thoughtful comment. You are almost making me remember “Octahedral Stress” as it came out of Our Late Professor’s mouth!

  6. T. T. AKANO says:

    OAFAK, your tentacles are everywhere. You monitor the past, present and extrapolate to the future. Accept my sympathy for the loss of a great mind like Prof Enahoro. KUDOS

  7. Umunna Okoli says:

    It was my privilege to work under Professor Enahoro. He was thorough, patient, knowledgable and always willing to assist. We learnt a lot from him.

  8. Elizabeth Ryan (nee Enahoro) says:

    It has been so heart warming to read that my dad touched the lives of so many people. Thank you all for your lovely comments. He was kind, thoughtful and a gentleman right to the end.

    • Ike I. Mba says:

      I had the privilege of meeting Henry & Diane in Sydney some years ago during the remembrance/memorial service of my late Aunt, Prof Nina Emma Mba. They were two very kind and gentle human beings. I remember spending a very long time with Henry that evening chatting and discussing our homeland Nigeria. he was such a down to earth gentle human being. Henry will be missed by many both at home and in diaspora. Just 2 weeks ago, I was in an event in Sydney and in the company of a couple Nigerian scholars and we actually talked about Prof Henry Enahoro. Little did we know that he has gone back to our creator. MAY HIS GENTLE SOUL CONTINUE TO REST IN THE BOSOM OF OUR LORD.

  9. Adesoji Adesina says:

    This is a great loss to those of us who are proud of our Unilag heritage. After my undergraduate days in Unilag (1975-80), I ran into Prof. Enahoro again while I was teaching at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia (1991-2012). Fond memories returned and I was always happy to see his name on the Mech. Eng. Faculty board as you enter the building. I used to tell my students at UNSW that if they think I was good, then the credit should go to my mentors at Unilag. Most were shocked that such a humble personality was my Dean as a student. His wife, Diane, was highly regarded within the Nigerian community in Sydney. Adieu, dear Prof. and rest in peace.

  10. Isaiah .A. Sowole says:

    I met Prof. Enahoro in 1975 when I was seconded from the Main Library to Catalog and Classify materials in the Faculty of Engineering Library of University of Lagos. We met again in 1997 after several years when he and his wife came to Bowen Library, Maroubra, Sydney where I was working. We had some chats and reminded him of how he calmly welcomed me to his Office at Unilag. He was a very nice and Humble man. He treats everyone with respect no matter how junior you are to him.Though I live in Sydney, I didn’t know of his death until I searched for him online after reading about the death of Kenneth Enahoro. May His Gentle Soul Rest in Peace.

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