Theory of Stress

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15 comments on “Theory of Stress

  1. Adebesin says:

    Good Evening sir;
    We had a timetable that schedule the exam of SSG 805 on friday 10th of July, 2015.
    I just receive a message this like 2mins that our exam is on the 7th. We in System Engrg have a course on 6th and we will not have an handful time to prepare for the course.
    We belief friday 10th of July is good for us.
    Thank you sir.

  2. Adeniyi Abidemi says:

    Good evening sir, we received a message just now that SSG805 that’s scheduled for 10th of July has been moved to 7th. We will like u to pls sir let it remain on the 10th. Thanks sir

  3. Ekene says:

    Pls Sir, the information we got now about writing SSG 805 on Tuesday 7th, is not convenience for us, we have been preparing for the paper we have on Monday, we haven’t had time to look into SSG 805. Pls Sir, we would like it, if it remains on that 10th for now. Thanks.

  4. Oketokun Oluwole says:

    Sir, we just got notified that contrary to the timetable, SSG 805 has been scheduled for Tuesday,7th of July. We humbly plead that July 10th, according to the timetable be the date to take the exam. Thank you sir.

  5. Omoruyi Victor says:

    Good evening Sir to our amiable Prof. and Dean,
    Thank you sir for all your comeliness, your open doors and how you have called continuum mechanics from the deep to the shores of our consciousness and understanding.

    I was informed that SSG805 first semester exam will now hold on Tuesday, 7th July, 2015. Please be informed we’d have MEG808 on Monday, writing 805 the next day is seemingly too close and adverse effect is sacrosanct.
    Please Sir, can it be shifted back to Friday, 10th???

    For and on behalf of all Mechanical Engineering MSc class.

  6. oafak says:

    The two classes should meet and let me know the more convenient date for all. Paste it on the comments here so we know how many people disagree.

  7. Bello Okeke says:

    Good day Sir,
    Thanks for your prompt response. Thanks also for trying so hard to impact your knowledge of mechanics of continua to us.

    Personally I must commend your passion and dexterity you exhibited in transferring the knowledge. As regards the time-table for the exams, 7th of July will not be convenient for us sir. Based on comments made above by systems engineering and design and production students, we would be writing an exam on the 6th of July (just one day to the exam).

    Sir, I humbly plead that a later date should be fixed for the exam. 10th of july is a good option. This will enable us prepare adequately for the exam.

    One more thing sir, please I would like you to give us a hint, or better put, area of concentration for the exams.

    Thanks for your understanding.

  8. Adeniyi Abidemi says:

    Good afternoon sir, I think the majority of the class is leaning towards 10th of July but on a personal standpoint, I will appreciate if it can be say 27th after all our papers. Thanks sir

  9. Ekene says:

    Good evening Sir, 10th or 11th of July would be okay. Thanks.

  10. yusuf says:

    good day sir… how about those of us who wish to rewrite the test?

  11. Niyi says:

    Good Afternoon Sir,
    What’s the time for tomorrow’s MEG 805 Exam

  12. Tobi Obideyi says:

    Good afternoon Sir.
    We wish to know the time for the SSG 805 examination tomorrow as there is no information yet on the website. Thank you Sir.

  13. Adeniyi Abidemi says:

    Good evening sir, pls what time will the exam hold tomorrow because of people like me coming from afar? if it will hold

  14. Emmanuel Olowosulu says:

    The exam will hold today (July, 10) by 10AM prompt at the LG Lab.

  15. yusuf says:

    Good day sir! we still await your response as regards the test…… Thank you sir.

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