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8 comments on “Kinematics

  1. oafak says:

    Some of the Mathematica code in this set of slides can be found in

  2. oafak says:

    As an example of a deformed configuration, run the following Mathematica code:
    myMap[X1_, X2_] := {X1 + (1/2 ) X2^2 , X2} // Flatten
    initialConfig = ParametricPlot[{X1, X2}, {X1, 0, 1}, {X2, 0, 1}];
    deformedConfig =
    ParametricPlot[myMap[X1, X2], {X1, 0, 1}, {X2, 0, 1} ,
    MeshShading -> {{Cyan, Cyan}}];
    Show[initialConfig, deformedConfig, PlotRange -> All]

  3. Oketokun Oluwole says:

    Sir, we just got informed that contrary to the timetable schedule for SSG 805, which is 10th of July; it has been moved forward to 7th of July. We plead that it be left as it is on the exam timetable. Thank you sir.

  4. Ekene says:

    Pls. Sir, I don’t understand the argument behind the negligence of time (t) in homogeneous deformation, since it maps material vectors into spatial, I was thinking that the time factor would be Paramount in keeping it different from subsequent deformations afterwards. Forgive me, if my question sounds stupid!

    • oafak says:

      Spatial configuration does not have to vary with time. In the case of a simple static deformation, the reference state is the initial configuration, the final state is the spatial.

  5. Ekene says:

    Pls. Sir, I want to know if the finger tensor that we defined as B`(B inverse)is actually an expression of the inverse of another kind of tensor, or…

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