Part Two: Moving Parts

Here you have the second and final installment of the slides and videos of our class last week. As usual, the slides are presented first. Some of these slides are repeated in the video for elucidation.
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9 comments on “Part Two: Moving Parts

  1. Ajibade Pipeoluwa says:

    Thank you sir, this is interesting

  2. Hermans-Efenudu.Joshua says:

    thank you sir for the video we really appreciate

  3. Obasogie Amen says:

    I am having some challenge in animating the movement of the system

    • oafak says:

      This is not my idea of a specific question! The only way to anwer this one is Sorry ooo!

    • oafak says:

      You are not explaining your situation sufficiently adequately to get help.
      1. At what point did you try to animate? You automatically get the animation of each joint you successfully create;
      2. After creating all the joints for a single engine, Animate Model, under the Joints will give you an animation of the joints that are co dependent at that time. You could also animate model each time you increase the number of joints.
      3. If you waited to put everything together and then try an animation of the entire system, I am NOT in a position to help you!

  4. USIFOH Benedict says:

    Thank you sir …….. video is cool

  5. Thanks Sir for making this design digestible

  6. […] the materials are just a link to old notes and video to complete the design and animation of the Moving parts of the IC Engine we began last […]

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