SSG 516 Introduction

The first set of slides are introduced here. Please go through them and be prepared to ask questions on Monday morning. I will be glad to have open questions we can discuss on this site.
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3 comments on “SSG 516 Introduction

  1. Fesobi Moyosoreoluwa says:

    Good day sir, this is to remind you about the updated slide and the 30 Q&A as promised in the previous ssg516 class to aid our studying. Thank you

  2. oafak says:

    The Q&A promised are already published above on this site. Use them to prepare for your test on Friday.

  3. Good say sir, Hello everyone. So I was going through the slides again I realised that during the class, I did not completely understand the concept of Einstein’s summation convention, so i sourced for some more resources and read through. I read this which I found on the web But there is still the third condition that I do not really understand. It says that “Each term must contain identical non-repeated indices.” Can anyone help clarify on what this really means and how to go about it? Thank you.

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