Please follow Taiwo Atinsola’s example

See the way a student posed his question to me. The answer will improve my notes and help other students:

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I want to encourage other students to ask your questions in this way. We can learn even much more outside the classroom than inside it. The internet facilities at our disposal make knowledge transmission easy! More comments please!

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4 comments on “Please follow Taiwo Atinsola’s example

  1. Atinsola taiwo says:

    I now have a clear understanding of the question raised. Thanks Prof.

  2. oafak says:

    Another thing that the example worked out here shows is the fact that a dummy index does not have a particular value; it denotes a summation over all possible values. A regular index denotes a particular assignable value.

  3. ODUNOLA JACOB O. says:

    Good morning Prof,
    This is really helpful Sir.

    Regards Sir,

    • oafak says:

      Hello Jacob,
      Nice to welcome your comments on this site. Learning does not come just from the lecturer to the student. The questions other students ask often provoke responses that better explain the issues in ways beyond the lecturer’s ability to figure out. That is the reason I have been pleading with all of you to post questions here. The particular issue of discussion in this section is something I have never tried to explain to anyone before. It may surprise you that I have NEVER seen it explained anywhere else. It is simple to some; it is difficult for others. When someone asks about it and it is explained as we have done here, it can be understood by all!
      Can I look forward to your own questions then?

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