SSG 511 Thursday April 12, 2018

In this class, we will introduce the computations involved in graphics transformations by discussing a tensor called the vector cross. The required vector analysis background is reviewed as a repetition to assist those who may have forgotten and refresh your minds. The summation convention is used and a symbolic algebra tool like Mathematica will make life a lot easy for you. Please download these two notes in the event that we have no power on Thursday.

Download (PDF, 461KB)

The above discussion will be needed to go through the worked examples presented here:

Download (PDF, 215KB)

Tensor Algebra Notes

We continue with some of the unfinished business of last week. It is important to get the definitions of the Kronecker Delta and the Levi Civita symbol correct before we move further. Today lecture will take it from there to tensor algebra.

Download (PDF, 869KB)

Let me have your comments below. Note that this week’s assignment is due on Monday at 10:00am

SSG 511: Thursday Class 22 January

Today’s class will be done by video. Please check for the video on Parametrization and Design Optimization to be released on Saturday evening. I am behind in the editing process. Practice the video as we shall continue from here in the next class Tuesday, 27 January. The Mathematica files for our uncompleted class last Tuesday will also be available here.