MCE 511: Computer Aided Engineering & Design

Today’s class (Wednesday, September 13, 2017) will be a laboratory in the CSIS
EVERY registered student MUST install and obtain a personal license for Autodesk Fusion 360 in order to be ready for this and future classes. Please post any difficulties in doing so to this web page. The CSIS is ready to assist any student in the installation. Here is the local page:
Fusion Installation

Students are advised to use Mozilla Firefox to download this locally.

Furthermore, they are to visit Academic License for Fusion 360: Your student ID necessary and register with their institutional email address.

Please contact other classmates who have successfully installed the software if you are unable to install successfully.
Also note that the Academic Version of this software is free. The Cloud credits to simulate your design is also free. Each student is to receive a full three year license.
The other software needed for this course is Wolfram Mathematica 11. The university has paid for a set of licenses and the software is available for use in the lab when we complete the installation. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide individual licences to students or staff. Staff and Students who want personal licenses can get them from the publisher The cheapest way to a personal copy is to purchase a Raspberry Pi: For the sum of 35 dollars, you would get a software of more than 1,000 dollars free among other benefits. More information on this in class. This is NOT compulsory as there will be access to this in the Computer Laboratory.

Instructor: OA Fakinlede


Every member of this class (SSG 516) is entitled to a fully licenced copy of the Mathematica Software Version 10.4 once you are registered in the LG Laboratory. I will empower Mr Adeyeye and Mr Emmanuel Olowosulu to install and license all who show interest during the week. Find out from Emmanuel how much you need to pay to register at the LG Lab. We will be using the software for class work once we complete the work on Tensor Analysis. You will be better off if you can already work with the software before we get there. The ability to use this powerful software is a useful skill in its own right and can mean a lot for your future.