7 comments on “Self Test: Chapter Three

  1. oafak says:

    Thanks very much Emmanuel!

  2. Damilare Agosu 160407034 says:

    This is great

  3. Onyemkpa Chimgozirm 160407047 says:

  4. Adegoke Tiwalade 170407503 says:

    Excuse me sir, In the test for chapter 2, the eigenvalues, I’m confused a bit. Is the third one 2 or 1

  5. Adebayo Tolulope John, 160404010 says:

    The site for the self test is malfunctioning
    I did self test 3 and it refused to submit
    then i had to refresh the page
    And all my answers were not recorded
    And it submitted

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