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  1. Olatunji says:

    Good day sir, the way you feel concern about this course is the way some of your students feel about it too. Going forward, I feel the self test should be made available as many as possible for students after every week classes, this will enhance the impactation you are trying to get into us. To be very sincere, it was after I took my second self test, I was able to solve some practical question. The self test is different from the practice question in the chapters in the sense that, the way the question is set is quite different from each other. It may be easy for other students but I find it hard to comprehend. Also after taken either the self test or the actual test, the ones missed should be marked out in particular so that we can make reference to the text and make corrections. ‘Cause after the test I’m always confused about which one I missed. In conclusion, I feel these process and changes stated above will improve the course as a whole. Thank you sir.

  2. Aghedo Osarumen Joshua 160404020 says:

    Thank you Sir

  3. Good day sir. Please I would like to appeal if I can be given one more attempt with my Chapter one test. I had some foundational concepts wrong for this course, making me do a lot of miss-ups and mess-ups in the Chapter one test. One more trial would go a long way. An exception I don’t deserve but humbly ask for. Thanks.
    Matric no 160407003 Systems Engineering

  4. George ssg says:

    It was a great semester learning from you. Your efforts to make sure every students in the class understood helped the process for me. Thank you sir and your Team.

  5. 160407014 eniola says:

    “so far so good” ,
    this is one of the course we had a thorough break down of foundations.
    hopefully we get more of this.
    Thank you sir for your efforts.

  6. 160407023_Egbayelo Michael says:

    It all ended well, It was a great semester learning from you sir. We sincerely appreciate your relentless effort during classes and tutorial most especially the breakdown to our very own level which you proved to is that it never too late to keep trying. Thanks so much sir

  7. Adebara Ayomide 160404011 says:

    Good day sir ,after the exam i came across something that got me confused and i would like to know, my question is , is \omega \times not invertible

    • oafak says:

      Your other comment has been trashed because it is not a serious comment as it did not complete the sentence!
      Is a vector cross, \omega\times invertible?
      To answer this question, first observe that the cofactor of a vector cross, ( \omega\times )^{\textsf{c}}=\omega\otimes\omega. Q2.29 shows that the third invariant, I_3 (\omega\times)=\det (\omega\times)=0.
      Remember that the inverse of a tensor \bold{S} is, \bold{S}^{-1}=\left( \det \bold{S}\right)^{-1} \bold{S}^{\textsf{cT}}. In the case of the vector cross, \bold{S}=\omega\times we can write that,

      (1)    \begin{align*} \bold{(\omega\times)}^{-1}&=\frac{ \omega\otimes\omega}{ \det \bold{(\omega\times)}}  \end{align*}

      because this particular cofactor is obviously symmetrical.
      Here you are dividing by zero so that the inverse is not defined. The vector cross is therefore not invertible. This is an example of a tensor that has a unique, computable cofactor but yet, it is not invertible because its determinant vanishes.

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