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  1. Naasiruddeen Abdurraheem says:

    Pls sir I would like to know if this product E:u is the same as E.u or Eu where E is a tensor and u is a vector
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    • oafak says:

      Our convention is to restrict the single dot to operations between two vectors. That is helpful because in a complex situation, once you see a dot, you know that the two operands are both vectors. A scalar product can only occur between two tensors of the same rank as you cannot obtain a scalar from two differently ordered tensors simply by multiplying them. Once you get to higher order tensors, the situation gets more complicated. You must define the exact meaning of the products you are taking and be specific about the symbols used. Unfortunately, the textbooks don’t have a consistent way to express these products. Just use the definitions we have provided until we discuss higher order tensors in details to avoid confusion.


    Good morning Sir/Ma. Are we supposed to print the questionnaire?

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