Tensor Properties II: Decompositions & Orthogonal Tensors

This week we continue our study of tensor properties with additive and spectral decompositions of tensors. We shall also look at orthogonal tensors. The slides are presented in the video

Here are the actual slides we will use in class. It begins with a repeat of some of last week’s outstanding issues that you ought to have gone through on your own. These are: Products of determinants, trace of compositions and scalar product of tensors. You must be current on these in order to understand this weeks menu.
The five topics covered here include:
1. The tensor set as a Euclidean Vector Space,
2. Additive Decompositions
3. The Cofactor Tensor, its geometric interpretation
4. Orthogonal Tensors
5. The Axial Vector
These are vocalized in the above Vimeo video and the downloadable slides are here

Download (PDF, 1.38MB)

3 comments on “Tensor Properties II: Decompositions & Orthogonal Tensors

  1. Adebara Ayomide, 160404011 says:

    Wooow, thanks so much for the slide videos , it makes learning easier, my God continue to bless. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Ali Abayomi 170404521 says:

    Is there a relationship between orthogonal tensor and identity tensor since its transforms a vector to the same vector

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