Programming Clinic

Location: LG Design Laboratory
Time: 1400-1600
Priority: Mechanical Engineering 300L, Systems Engineering 300L Other students may be admitted if there is space. Come with your Laptops equipped with Mathematica
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4 comments on “Programming Clinic

  1. eniola says:

    Good day sir,
    Am trying to get this book you recommended but it seems i have to pay for it to get it online i dont know if you have a free pdf copy (Wolfram, S, “An Elementary Introduction to the Wolfram Language”, Wolfram Media, 2017 ($20
    thank you sir.

  2. eniola says:

    Good day sir
    i tried running this line of code according to week 4 slide
    cart1 = ParametricPlot3D[{1, y, z}, {y, 0, 6}, {z, 0, 9},
    PlotStyle -> Red];

    with the semicolon at the end the output did not show
    except i click on show output and then the results is deplayed with an additional result like in[21]:= %20
    and i noticed that for everytime i run that same line of code it displays different results of this e.g (%20 or %7)

    i tried running without the semicolon it worked but with the results displayed immediately without the additional %… which i dont know why that is done sir.

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