5 comments on “Engineering Training for the Data Driven Economy

  1. Jafar says:

    Hello Sir, is this the slide for the next class

  2. oafak says:

    It is a good idea to read it. I am working on the next set of slides and videos. I will refer to this article in them. It is an article I am still working on and have not yet published. I placed it here for the class because there are issues there that relate to our next topic – the design of the Moving parts of an Internal Combustion Engine. Watch out over the next few days. More will come.

  3. Okwesilieze Uwadoka says:

    Hello sir,
    Question 1.3 in the Chapter 1 Q&A is a bit confusing. How does the expression equal zero?

    • oafak says:

      If a variable equals its opposite, its value can be no other than zero. That is quite elementary. Only zero can be equal to its negative, there is no other such number.

  4. Okwesilieze Uwadoka says:

    Sorry, my comment was made under the wrong course

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