4 comments on “Deformation Gradient & Other Tensors

  1. Olubodun Fakinlede says:

    I was actually trying to see today’s lecture. If this is the website for the lecture, then thanks. I have a rather hazy idea of position vectors. It seems they start from the origin, unlike the fee vectors which could start anywhere in xyz axis. Multiplication by scalars seems relatively easier than by another vector.

  2. Suberu says:

    Good morning prof. Sir, we wish to know the state of Monday class as our exam starts same day. Thanks

  3. Suberu says:

    Also sir, i could not solve questions 3.6 and 3.10c on pages 88 and 89 respectively of J N Reddy, Chapter 3. i need your guide sir. Thanks

    • oafak says:

      Let the class tell me what it wants. Exams are ready anytime you want it. If you wish for a tutorial class before the exams, I will be willing to give it. The coverage will be Tensor analysis and kinematics to the level of Chapter 2 of Reddy. Arrange to see me with your attempt at the questions you have difficulties with. I will be willing to guide you through after I have seen your attempt.

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