4 comments on “Diary of a Journey

  1. Jacob Sutton says:

    Very very nice sir. You surely enjoyed your holiday i must say. I have asked myself the same questions about Nigeria but cannot think of an answer to ” Nigeria “

  2. David says:

    What an interesting holiday report! I wish you a safe return journey.

    • oafak says:

      I got you! Read again; I actually wrote about the day I came back and my experience coming out the airport!

  3. Emmanel says:

    “Why cannot we survive where people, some of whom had less means or academic
    attainments thrived and created a business model that produced so many good results
    including us?” My opinion is that we lack the necessary drive to develop our country, I sometimes ask myself while reading through History what could give these great men and women such drive to brave all the obstacles put in front of them.

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