10 comments on “Moving Parts of an Engine, Part One

  1. Akujobi Ronnie says:

    Goodmorning sir what if we’ve found a shorter and easier method to design some of the components?…can we use it with your dimensions?

    • oafak says:

      Of course yes. I am NOT the storehouse of knowledge. You should learn everything from your best sources. Imagine if a footballer found a better way to score a goal than the coach taught him; If he refuses to score the goal on that account, we sack him! That is exactly what I will do to you because I am your coach!

  2. SUNDAY, Ernest Eromosele (13BE002725) says:

    The length of the video (or quantity) is directly proportional to the level of understanding, provided that “quality” remains constant.

  3. Nnodim Chiebuka says:

    sir i am thinking of downloading this video, is there any link to this?

  4. Hopefully I’ll do justice to this

  5. Hitler says:

    You skipped how the bigger end of the pin was made, unintentionally maybe.
    The video was concise enough.
    Thank you.
    I am waiting for part 2.

  6. bosan zigwai says:

    sir, some dimensions are not giving me the required results expected as in your video, would it be okay to manipulate the dimensions a little to get what i want?

  7. Adeyanju Toba says:

    Sir i am having a weird issue selecting areas i want to extrude as the areas are refusing to be highlighted for extrusion,what do i do to fix this sir?

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