Moving Parts of an Engine, Part One

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Here is a video of first half of this week’s class.

Moving Parts from Omotayo Fakinlede on Vimeo.

I need your comments to know if the video is too long and I can give you a shorter one next time. My opinion of the ones online is that they are too short. Of course, one can easily over do!
Watch out for Part Two

12 comments on “Moving Parts of an Engine, Part One

  1. Akujobi Ronnie says:

    Goodmorning sir what if we’ve found a shorter and easier method to design some of the components?…can we use it with your dimensions?

    • oafak says:

      Of course yes. I am NOT the storehouse of knowledge. You should learn everything from your best sources. Imagine if a footballer found a better way to score a goal than the coach taught him; If he refuses to score the goal on that account, we sack him! That is exactly what I will do to you because I am your coach!

  2. SUNDAY, Ernest Eromosele (13BE002725) says:

    The length of the video (or quantity) is directly proportional to the level of understanding, provided that “quality” remains constant.

  3. Nnodim Chiebuka says:

    sir i am thinking of downloading this video, is there any link to this?

  4. Hopefully I’ll do justice to this

  5. Hitler says:

    You skipped how the bigger end of the pin was made, unintentionally maybe.
    The video was concise enough.
    Thank you.
    I am waiting for part 2.

  6. bosan zigwai says:

    sir, some dimensions are not giving me the required results expected as in your video, would it be okay to manipulate the dimensions a little to get what i want?

  7. Adeyanju Toba says:

    Sir i am having a weird issue selecting areas i want to extrude as the areas are refusing to be highlighted for extrusion,what do i do to fix this sir?

  8. Tolu says:

    Would love to see a design starting from the first principles of modeling right thru to animation.
    Expect me soon

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