MCE 511: Computer Aided Engineering & Design

Today’s class (Wednesday, September 13, 2017) will be a laboratory in the CSIS
EVERY registered student MUST install and obtain a personal license for Autodesk Fusion 360 in order to be ready for this and future classes. Please post any difficulties in doing so to this web page. The CSIS is ready to assist any student in the installation. Here is the local page:
Fusion Installation

Students are advised to use Mozilla Firefox to download this locally.

Furthermore, they are to visit Academic License for Fusion 360: Your student ID necessary and register with their institutional email address.

Please contact other classmates who have successfully installed the software if you are unable to install successfully.
Also note that the Academic Version of this software is free. The Cloud credits to simulate your design is also free. Each student is to receive a full three year license.
The other software needed for this course is Wolfram Mathematica 11. The university has paid for a set of licenses and the software is available for use in the lab when we complete the installation. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide individual licences to students or staff. Staff and Students who want personal licenses can get them from the publisher The cheapest way to a personal copy is to purchase a Raspberry Pi: For the sum of 35 dollars, you would get a software of more than 1,000 dollars free among other benefits. More information on this in class. This is NOT compulsory as there will be access to this in the Computer Laboratory.

Instructor: OA Fakinlede

7 comments on “MCE 511: Computer Aided Engineering & Design

  1. At first I was quite skeptical as to your choice of Fusion over SW, but had a try of the fusion package and I’m impressed. Great choice Sir.
    Looking forward to learning from you.

  2. oafak says:

    It was not difficult to reach that decision; Solid Edge was our preference at Unilag eleven years ago over Solid Works. At that time, most reviewers preferred Solid Works. We chose SE over SW because of the licensing advantage as SE gave us everything free whereas, SW was costly for the students. In the present case, Fusion is not only giving us everything for free, they also give us free cloud credits for the simulations. In addition to all this, the reviews are better for Fusion 360. As far as I am aware, it is presently the only software that combines 3-D Parametric modelling, Surface modeling and sculpting for T-Spline manipulation. Instead of being restricted to teaching you the theory behind the splines, even the weakest student in class can learn to work practically with T-splines and create complex models that will surprise many. I too look forward to working with you!

  3. Been modeling with the Fusion package since our last class and I have noticed that parts of an assembly are modeled all at once on the platform. Is there a way to model the parts as different .f3d files and in turn assemble them later on. Also selecting surfaces become quite difficult as more parts are made.
    I ask this because apart from the export command,
    it seems projects can only be saved on the cloud.
    Also I love the fact that I can alter the foundation sketches even after building 3D parts from them.
    It’s Model to 2d orthographic abilities is very detailed too and the T-splines are whoa…
    I believe the class will appreciate Fusion.

  4. oafak says:

    One of the earliest decisions you make in this environment is to create a component (Look for the Create menu in the Model tool set, select new component). Model each part only after that step. You can create as many components as you want. It is only the active component that can be modeled. (You activate a component by selecting its radio button) When you want to create each part, activate the component created for it. That way, each part lives in its own independent component space with its timeline, origin, sub components, etc.
    To assemble, activate the main model and you will have access to pick the individual components. You can even color-code the separate components by shift N combination. Do not meddle with the files. The file management is designed to do all this automatically for you.
    What you are trying to do is a bit far down the road for the class.

  5. Jeremy Famose says:

    Morning sir. Is the raspberry pi a hardware or a software?

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