Tensor Algebra

Defines what a tensor is and shows its attributes. Please note the submission dates of the homework assignments. No lateness in submission allowed.

[gview file=”http://oafak.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/2-Tensor-Algebra-March-2016-1.pdf”]

We will need to arrange one extra class in the next two weeks in order to complete the section. A class test is for the week of April 4.

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10 comments on “Tensor Algebra

  1. Joshua Zelibe says:

    Thank you Sir.

  2. Iretioluwa Olawuyi says:

    Thanks again for your patience with us, we are looking forward to a better performance going forward owned to the learnings from our past experience.

    For the extra class, I will suggest a Saturday, and possibly moving the whole class to Saturday going forward, In my opinion, I think it will give us the elegance of working through the concepts without any interruption from other lectures as experienced during the weekdays.

  3. Aristobulus T says:

    Page 34: I understand that Tu is the difference between unit (n.u)n however, please clarify how (n.u)n represents the projection.

    Tu = 1u – (n.u)n = u – (n.u)n

    • oafak says:

      Elementary: n.u= |n| x |u| cos theta. Since n is a unit vector, its magnitude is one. Hence n.u is simply |u| cos theta. That is the projection of u on n. When you multiply this scalar by the unit vector n, it becomes the vector projection! What more explanation do you want? This is SS3 stuff!

  4. Aristobulus T says:

    The concept on slides 53 and 43 (tensor components) seems to tally . However, I need the clarification why the superscript beta on the penultimate line transformed to alpha on the tensor S and the index j on the last metric tensor g on final line? Please clarify.

  5. Iretioluwa Olawuyi says:

    Good Afternoon Prof,
    I want to use this medium to apologize for lack of activity on this platform, from my own end, I personally work with the reference texts for clarity on any concept that is not so clear in the note, but in other not to excuse myself, I need to state that we’re working together to ensure we all get along well together with the course through an organized tutorial class and a whatsapp group. Regarding the last test, the week was a very busy one for most of us as we have 3 tests scheduled for that week and we’re trying to strike a balance, furthermore, due to the fact that we were expecting a computer based test which offers a wider coverage of the scope of the topics covered.
    We will like to apologize and ask for your availability for tomorrow’s class sir while we look forward to a better performance from the strategies we’ve adopted to get it right.

  6. Joshua Zelibe says:

    Good day Sir.Let me reiterate what my colleague has said. We take full responsibility for our actions and in-actions and we remorsefully solicit that you overlook our dismal acts and give us yet another chance to reinstate our strong commitment to your excellent,unparalleled methods and ultimate goal to make us sound engineers .We highly appreciate the immensity of your work Sir.

  7. Enrgr. Ibikunle 'Rotimi Adedayo says:

    Prof. Its being wonderful having your kind of person around us. I want to be your men-tee in this course, to add more value to my professional life. I want you to accept me today as your professional son. Thanks.

  8. Enrgr. Ibikunle 'Rotimi Adedayo says:

    Prof. I love to learn the A,B…Z of Elasticity in order to be able to make effective imparts on others.

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