Cancellation: SSG 805 Class

It has occurred to me that the transportation challenges we are all suffering from should be considered. In view of that, I am cancelling the early morning lectures tomorrow morning. If there are enough people around, you can meet me at the Dean’s office so I give a tutorial class.

Tuesday May 26. 2015: Cancelled

Next time I see you, you can tell me: Sai Buhari!

OA Fakinlede
Course Instructor

4 comments on “Cancellation: SSG 805 Class

  1. Obideyi Tobi says:

    Thank you Sir

  2. Ndego Anslem says:

    The decision to cancel that class is really a thoughtful one. I applaud it.

  3. Peter says:

    Thank you sir for this consideration.
    But as regards sai buhari!…

    • oafak says:

      I am not asking you to vote for him; besides, that will not be needed till 2019! I was only saying that the inauguration of his presidency would have started by the time we have our next class.

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