20 comments on “Continuum Mechanics, SSG 805

  1. oafak says:

    ONB on slide 50 means “Ortho-Normal Basis”. This the Well-known Cartesian coordinates system is an example of an ONB.

  2. Tinuola says:

    sir, just got ur reminder mail. I’m still going through the notes. will ask questions when I no longer understand. .. Thanks sir

  3. Peter Bamidele says:

    Thank you very much sir @Prof Fakilede, for the commitment in passing knowledge shown towards our class so far.

  4. odebiyi samuel oluwasegun says:

    Thank you sir,ONB on slide 50 is noted and well understood.

  5. Adenuga Kehinde Oluwatobi says:

    Sir, thanks for the clearification on the acronym ‘ONB’ meaning ‘Ortho-Normal Basis’.

    Also, the 89 pages slides is much helpful in providing a foundational knowledge into the course. The recommended text ‘The Mechanics and Thermodynamics
    of Continua’ by Morton E. Gurtin is also helpful.


  6. Oyetunde Oyeniyi says:

    I need a detailed explanation on Natural Bases on slices 68 & 69.

  7. Ayinde fatai says:

    Prof.sir, base on my question i want to make some corection the page am refering to is pg 70 of vector an line space slide of the one u sent to us march 2015. thanks sir

  8. fajobi lekan says:

    still having issues with the phrase ‘linear independent’ .

    • oafak says:

      Do some more reading on your own. The concept of “linear independence” is basic to linear algebra. It is not one the things I should teach beyond telling you about it as I have done already. Google the keywords and you will find a lot of literature on it. It is a fundamentally important concept so read it up.

  9. fajobi lekan says:

    i left a comment before today and i got no reply.

  10. Oketokun Oluwole says:

    In the exercises, question 5 talks about dual basis while 6 refers to reciprocal basis. Aren’t these the same?
    Secondly, question 7 talks about the metric tensor. Is this the same as the dot product (gi.gj)? If this is, then should we be looking for the general expression in partial differential instead of doing one for each coordinate system?

    • oafak says:

      All you have said is correct. The components of the metric tensor is the dot product of the basis vectors as you have observed. From tomorrow lecture, you will see that a tensor is more than its components.

  11. iheagwam ivy says:

    Sir, there are times when you use £ ijk and also £123, are they referring to the same usage. .

  12. oafak says:

    No. Its important to note that one is the alternating symbol. The other is the alternating tensor. The relationship between them is there in the notes.

  13. iheagwam ivy says:

    Thank you sir , is all starting to make sense to me …

  14. Iretioluwa Olawuyi says:

    Good day sir,
    This is to inform you about the plan to hold 805 tomorrow morning, 16 Feb., 2016 by 8:00AM.
    Thanks and have a nice day.

    • oafak says:

      Two things to note:
      1. There is a new, updated version of these slides. It is titled SSG805 Linear Spaces. That is the version you should download as I have added some corrections.
      2. The class will be held at the NIMASSA classroom on top of the Systems Engineering Department office.
      The lectures begin at 8:00am. Read the apportioned text before coming to class.

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