One comment on “The People Speak Again; Dispute Over!

  1. T. T. AKANO says:

    His Majesty,
    The Ebullient Dean of Engineering,
    The Erudite Scholar of the Century,
    Icon on Wisdom and
    Citadel of Knowledge

    I salute you sir.

    God has destined that you are to serve this great faculty for two terms.

    Now the electioneering era is behind you, be focused and incorporate everyone in the faculty. Both those for Paul and those for Barnabbas are working for the same purpose. At the end of the day what matters is the exaltation of the faculty; not you, Prof Tayo Fakinlede nor your good friend and also an erudite scholar, Prof Funso Falade, FNSE, FAEng.

    Be careful about toadies and sycophants.

    I implore you not to forget your vision and mission in this the office – to uplift the faculty and showcase her to the world.

    God Bless Prof Tayo Fakinlede
    God Bless Prof Funso Falade
    God Bless the entire Faculty
    All in Jesus name. Amen.

    Once more, CONGRATS.

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