Mr Emmanuel Olanrewaju

It is with a deep sense of loss that the Faculty of Engineering announces the passing of Mr Emmanuel Olanrewaju.

Until he passed on two days ago, Mr Olanrewaju was a 400 level student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and was in fact writing his semester examinations at the time of the incident. Our hearts and condolences go to the parents and the entire family that are in deep mourning at this time. We also greet the fellow students, course mates and all other colleagues of the late Mr Olanrewaju.

OA Fakinlede

One comment on “Mr Emmanuel Olanrewaju

  1. Enahoro Michael Oamhen says:

    Good Morning Prof.

    I noticed that in assignment 2.3, number 7 was not found in the textbook (Gurtin 2.14.5). However, I have done others and submitted them accordingly.

    Thanks and highest regard,

    Mike Enahoro

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