Osezua Ibhadode

As I had written in the post on the current slides, I am responding to Osezua Ibhadode’s questions.

Download (PDF, 219KB)

Of course the solution here is direct and laborious. It is after you have gone through such labor that the patterns emerge: The fact that the Kronecker Delta is a “substitution operator” becomes clear. The final answer will be immediately obvious to you after you have fully understood that. That understanding will constantly elude any student who will not do this labor in the first instance.

2 comments on “Osezua Ibhadode

  1. OA.Adeleye says:

    The example on slide 71 can also throw more light to the problem.

  2. Osezua Ibhadode says:

    Thank you very much sir. I have understood the principle. This website interaction is of immense help.

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