Voting Wisely

OA Fakinlede

When tomorrow fully comes, it will be time to vote. Once you do that, you must await the consequences of your action. Take this voting seriously because it is important. Vote wisely, Vote oafak.

The Dean is, among other things a representative of the Faculty. Who will you trust to champion the cause of this faculty? Who can put our case persuasively in a senate debate or a Budget hearing? Throughout my four-year tenure as the Head of Systems Engineering, I obtained more funding at Budget defense for the simple fact that the demands made did not emphasize the usual perquisites that HODs wanted but facilities to enhance our work. I was constantly entrusted with more funds. These funds were distributed justly and fairly so that lecturers at all level were treated with equity. That is why your colleague in Systems Engineering probably got a notebook before you did! Vote wisely, vote oafak!

I have been a Director in Federal Parastatals for 8 solid years. That was before a four year stint as an HOD. Please note, these were substantive appointments – not in acting capacity! It is easy to see why I can be decisive in taking actions that will move us forward. When it comes to leading the faculty, who will not require on-the-job training? Vote wisely, vote oafak!

The most critical issue facing young lecturers is that they get the training and the environment to be internationally competitive. You need the confidence to excel. You need to be able to deliver confidently. You need the skills to grow to be the professor who can stand his ground. Who will you trust improve our environment so we can deliver? I have been trained in Unilag and at Alberta in Canada. My stint in Canada was as a post-graduate student and later as a Post-doctoral Fellow and researcher. When I talk about how things are properly done in other places, I know what I am saying because I have been involved, and it shows! We need to increase our establishment positions and bring in more qualified people to drive our vision to be more competitive internationally! Vote wisely, vote oafak.

The deanship is not a gift to be bestowed by sympathy! It is an opportunity to serve to be given to who can make it work for the greatest benefit of the faculty. When there was the MAU controversy, who stood up to be counted? Remember, when things are tough, you need someone you can trust to give a sense of direction. You need someone to make a sound case for the faculty and be fair to all. You need someone to give academic leadership. The passion for this place is in one person – more than others. No more grey hairs before you get your doctorate if you do it right and Vote wisely, Vote oafak!

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  1. OADELEYE says:

    We are convinced you can do it. The LG Design Lab. is a good example.

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